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15. November 2024    19:30
Musikförderverein Gräfelfing e.V.
Aula des Kurt Huber Gymnasiums

Sonatenabend mit  Ricardo Ali Alvarez

Werke von Strauss, Resphigi und Ponce


Jury  Member of the International Violin Competition

Richard Strauss, Madrid

The young German faced a program that was a real miracle for her debut, with solos in all the pieces of the program. And it must be said immediately that its presentation could hardly have been better: wonderful sound, precise tuning and exquisite sensitivity in its expression."

22/04/2023 / Rafael Ortega Basagoiti

Scherzo - Revista música clásica

Missa Solemnis, Beethoven, Madrid

The beautiful sound of concertmaster Valerie Steenken especially shone in this formidable fragment. The young German showed off once again her exquisite precision in tuning, beautiful nuances and impeccable line of expression."

22/06/2024 / Rafael Ortega Basagoiti

Scherzo - Revista música clásica

Missa Solemnis, Beethoven, Granada

Valerie Steenken, who standing up, wonderfully interpreted the fifth voice that Beethoven left written for the violin. The violinist developed a beautiful counterpoint with the singers, sublimely fused with the choral parts."

29/06/2024  Gonzalo Roldán Herencia


Lyrische Sinfonie, Zemlinsky, Madrid

At the top, the various solos of the concertmaster Valerie Steenken (what a success the signing of this very young violinist), who drew with impeccable success and beautiful sound her committed solos in the second, fourth, sixth and seventh movements."

02/12/2023  Rafael Ortega Basagoiti


Scherzo - Revista música clásica

Missa Solemnis, Beethoven, Granada

Valerie Steenken's solo violin part, executed with a lyricism that evoked peace and transcendence, was one of the highlights of the performance."

Gonzalo Roldán 30/06/2024 

Granada Hoy

Missa Solemnis, Beethoven, Granada

...which was followed by the advent of the Spirit in the form of a delicate violin solo performed by the young Munich concertmaster Valerie Steenken accompanied by the sound of the flutes, which gave the impression that the Paraclete (Saviour) came down from heaven, leaving the listener with the imprint of the best essence of Beethoven's last creative period in which he lavished a truly supernatural calm and tranquility."

29/06/2024 José Antonio Cantón

Codalario La Revista Musica

Missa Solemnis, Beethoven, Madrid

The exceptional concertmaster Valerie Steenken was the highlight in this part."

23/06/2024 / Alberto Torres

Revista Musica Catalana

Selected Concerts since 2020


Konzerthaus Blaibach

Castelnuovo-Tedesco et al.


Auditorio Sony, Madrid

Recital with Ricardo Ali Alvarez

Beethoven Sonata no. 7


Teatro Real Madrid


Wieniawski, Faust Fantasie


Nymphenburger Sommer, München

Julia Fischer, Lorenz Chen, Albert Steinberger, Louis Vandory

Charles-Auguste de Beriot et al.

7.10. - 12.10.2021

Madrid, Bratislava, Budapest,
Wien Musikvereinssaal

Sinfónica Freixenet de la Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía
Andrés Orozco-Estrada

Prokoviev, Violin concerto no.1, Arabella Steinbacher
Albeniz, Dvorak Symphony no. 8


Santiago de Compostela

Cuarteto Albeniz de Prosegur

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Schubert


Auditorio Fundacion Juan March, Madrid




Auditorio Sony, Madrid

Concierto por Ucrania


Allerheiligen-Hofkirche, München

Recital with Ricardo Ali Alvarez

Beethoven, Wieniawski, Schubert


Auditorio Municipal, Cullera

Orquesta Festival de Cullerarts

Brahms, Violin concerto


Schloss Tegernsee, Barocksaal

Beethoven, Tschaikowsky


Allerheiligen-Hofkirche, München

Meisterwerke der ukrainischen Kammermusik mit Eva Rabchevska, Johannes Välja, Louis Vandory und Ricardo Ali Alvarez

Loboda, Silvestrov, Lyatoshynsky, Hubarenko, Barvinsky

21. - 23.04.2023

Auditorio Nacional de Música, Madrid

Debut as concertmaster of the
Orquesta Nacional de España
Director: Josep Pons

Richard Strauss, Tod und Verklärung;
Vier letzte Lieder


Violin concerto


InselKonzerte Herrenchiemsee

Julia Fischer, Nils Mönkemeyer, Benjamin Nyffenegger et al.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Max Bruch


Julia Fischer, Marie Kropfitsch, Louis Vandory, Friedrich Thiele

Mozart, Dvorak




19. - 23.07.2023

Garda Lake Music Festival,

Festival de Torrechiara (Parma),

Villa Perego de Cremnago

Mozart, Violin concerto no. 5


Teatro Monumental Madrid

Orquesta Sinfonico RTVE

22.6. - 28.6.2024

Auditorio Nacional Madrid,
Palacio Carlo V, Granada

David Afkham

L. van Beethoven, Missa Solemnis

18.7. -20.7. 2024

Julia Fischer, Nils Mönkemeyer, Daniel Müller-Schott, Alexander Sitkovesky, Friedrich Thiele, Louis Vandory

Schönberg (Verklärte Nacht), Tschaikovsky (Souvernir de Florence), Dvorak (Klavierquintett)